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13 Signs Your Manifestation Is on Its Way

If you’ve recently tried to manifest something using the Law of Attraction, then you may be wondering when you’ll start to see the results. Luckily, there are a few ways to tell whether or not your manifestation is making its way to you. Let’s dive in!

Signs Your Manifestation Is on Its Way to You

I’ve been using the Law of Attraction for a while now and I’ve been wondering when I’ll start to see results. Here are 13 ways to tell if your manifestation is making its way to you:

1. You keep seeing Angel Numbers, or repeated numbers start appearing to you on a regular basis.

Angel Numbers are repeated or sequential numbers that show up in our lives to convey a specific meaning or message from our guides. The number you see may vary depending on what you’re trying to manifest, but as a rule of thumb, 111 (or 1111, 11111, etc.) generally indicates a positive result relative to any intention.

That said, if any other Angel Numbers seem to be finding their way to you – it’s best not to ignore them! Even if you aren’t receiving messages about your specific manifestation, this is still a surefire sign that your spirit guides are desperately trying to communicate to you.

2. Synchronicities occur that just can’t be ignored.

Even if you’re not seeing angel numbers, keep an eye out for other synchronicities that may be signaling a universal shift.

Did you and a friend suddenly come to poignant, life-changing realizations at the same time that seems to intertwine and reaffirm each other? Look for other strange occurrences that seem to sync up with your new outlook on life and symbols and themes with deeper meanings – these may be more than mere coincidences.

3. Signs of high energy or energetic frequency.

This may be interpreted in different ways. If you are experiencing high bursts of energy in a literal sense, you might be feeling the effects of the universe’s energy flowing into you as your manifestation becomes realized. This may feel like excitement or anticipation.

In addition, you may feel as though you are operating on a higher energetic frequency or vibration than you were before. Try meditating at this frequency to invite divine messages from the universe during this time to glean even more information from this spiritual download.

4. You feel like the universe is testing you.

In modern spirituality, it is often believed that humans go through an experience called the Dark Night of the Soul. During this transformational time, our spirits are put to the test.

From this darkness emerges a change from deep within. After this devastating life-changing event, you will emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis, reborn as your truest, most powerful form. While it may seem scary, this is all part of the process of spiritual growth – embrace the change!

5. Conversely, you feel completely at ease.

After your transformation, you will feel as though you are finally stepping into your power. You will be positive and confident in your manifestations, speaking them knowingly into existence without a second thought. When you begin to know for certain that you were successful, it will be true.

In addition, you may feel more at peace. If you were prone to anger and anxiety issues before, you will start to notice these feelings dissipating as the universe sends you its divine blessings.

6. You will see more of the things you desire.

This is one of the synchronicities we mentioned before that you should keep an eye out for: when the universe begins to send you your gifts, you’ll notice signs of it everywhere.

For example, if you’ve been trying to manifest a new job, you’ll not only come across more job listings, but more options will become available to you that fit your qualifications! Soon enough, offers will start to flood in… just make sure you’re putting in the effort to respond!

7. It gets worse before it gets better…

To be sure your intention is true, the universe may put it to the test. Did you ask for more money? You can expect a trial of financial hardship. Are you looking to build more productive habits? Get ready for all the roadblocks. Once you’ve proven yourself worthy, your manifestation will make its way to you.

8. The characters in your life begin to change.

As you begin a new chapter, some of the characters and plots that didn’t serve your story will be left behind. It may be difficult at first to let go of these relationships, but remember that it is at the expense of personal growth. Perhaps you need to break away from these people for a while to find yourself and start the next leg of your journey. When this happens, remember that your manifestation is just a plot twist away!

Others may not vibe with your new, higher frequency. Let these people go – they don’t have anything to offer to your brand new self.

9. You dream of your intention.

When your manifestation draws near to you, you will begin to dream about it as though it’s already happened. That said, dreams can be tricky: they may show you the complete opposite of what you desire, or depict a difficult journey. Don’t be discouraged by these dreams – this is the universe sending you vital information on what you need to do next to make it all happen.

10. Divination confirms your incoming blessings.

If you perform divination or know someone who does, you can perform a pendulum or tarot reading to ask your spirit guides about your manifestation!

When using a pendulum, be sure to test it out for accuracy first by asking it yes or no questions and seeing which direction it chooses for each.

Tarot readings may be a bit more complicated in that they don’t offer a simple yes-or-no response. With that said, if you are keen on interpreting the tarot, you can gain much more in-depth knowledge and advice than with a simple pendulum.

11. You experience a sense of déjà vu.

During this time of higher vibration, you may be more open to signs from the universe or possess higher psychic potential. If you’ve been noticing more instances of déjà vu in your life, just try to sit back, enjoy, and observe the messages that the universe has for you.

12. Other good things find their way to you.

Even before your specific manifestation makes itself known, you will start to see other benefits. If you’ve been experiencing an uptick in good luck, starting to see your hard work paying off, or just feeling a general sensation of happiness and well-being (especially if this wasn’t your default state) – then you’re on the right track.

13. You have a higher charisma.

During this time of spiritual awakening, you will be more energetically pleasing to those around you. You may seem to be more attractive or likable to people and animals during this time. Others may be more likely to approach you just for the pleasant vibes you give off. Enjoy the popularity boost!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, then there’s a good chance that you were successful in your manifestation! If that’s not the case, don’t worry! You can always try again and work harder. Sometimes we just aren’t ready for what the universe has in store for us, but that time will come soon. For now, try to learn all you can from the messages that the universe is sending you. Best of luck!

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