Botanical Empress

About The Botanical Empress

Karly Cramer, Cannabis Advocate + Social Justice Activist

Hi there, I’m Karly, proud pet and human mom, criminal justice reform activist and believer in the healing properties of plant medicine. I’m so happy you’re here!  

Want to hear something kind of wild?

A few years ago, I was arrested not once but twice for nonviolent cannabis offenses. While I never want to go through that experience ever again, it gave me a first-hand look into the racial disparity within our criminal justice system and the unfair treatment of inmates. 

Now that I know what it’s really like to be on that side of things, I’ve made it my life’s work to fight for those who are unjustly serving time for nonviolent cannabis crimes. In fact, I’m producing a documentary that shares stories of inmates whose lives have been destroyed simply because of possession or consumption of cannabis.

I also spend time volunteering with Freedom Grow, an all-volunteer nonprofit that helps cannabis prisoners take back their freedom by offering commissary money, books, magazines, family outreach and public education. 

I hope that the more our society learns about the cruelties happening to nonviolent offenders, the easier it will be to end all of this madness —because these beautiful humans aren’t a threat to public safety and deserve to live full lives and reunite with their families.

As for The Botanical Empress, my goal is to spread the word about the magical cannabis plant and how other plants and herbs can naturally heal our bodies and spirits. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to expand your mind. With education and outreach, we can create important societal changes together.