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Can Astrology Be Wrong? You Won’t Believe What We Found Out!

It is believed that observing the stars can help us predict the future. The discipline of Astrology is entirely dedicated to just that, and it has been studied by humans for thousands of years.

However, can Astrology ever be wrong?

The truth is that astrological information has to go through the filter of a human astrologer. That’s where the problems begin. What we observe in the stars is a sacred pattern that will manifest itself in one way or another. However, when human perception, with all of its biases and prejudices, is involved, things can become a little bit dicey.

Fortune teller predicting the future with astrologyPredicting Pandemics with Astrology

Take the COVID-19 Pandemic. A lot of astrologers were intrigued by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that happened in January of 2020. However, most linked it to some sort of political tumult, perhaps linked to the upcoming US Elections. They all knew it was an aspect that caused international events that are most upsetting.

Only a few thought to link it to a global pandemic, even though there was already news of the virus in other countries.

If we look at the same aspect in the past, the answer was there. When the same aspect happened in 1981-1982, the first outbreak of AIDS took place. And in 1917, the Spanish Influenza was running rampant at around the time the same conjunction took place.

Why were so many astrologers swayed by politics, then? The answer is biased.

We hadn’t had a global health crisis of that magnitude in years, whereas there had been plenty of political tension before. Astrologers were therefore led to believe that this aspect would mean more of the same. Adding to this is the fact that many people, even people outside of the US, have a US-centric view of global events. A known upcoming presidential election in this country is deemed a possible global event.

Prejudice in Astrologers’ Predictions

Gender, racial, and heteronormative prejudice can also play a part in an astrologer’s predictions.

In the past, a woman with a Stellium, which is an unusual concentration of energy in one fraction of the birth chart, in the Tenth House of reputation and career would have probably been deemed a socialite by the astrologer looking at her chart.

In reality, perhaps that indicated that she would become one of the first female lawyers or doctors in her country. The sexist stereotype of the astrologer may have led him to believe that the Stellium was more about the public life women had easier access to, instead of the harder path of having a professional career.

using astrology to predict presidential electionsPresidential Elections and Astrology

There are also things that could happen last minute that could change the outcome of things.

The presidential election that saw Trump and Clinton fight for the votes of American citizens was predicted by astrologers to be favorable for Trump. However, it hung on a big if. If Trump wasn’t swayed by his explosive temper in the days leading up to the election, he would be the winner.

As we already know how this story goes, he didn’t lose his temper (at least not in an unusual way for him) and he was the victor in the elections – by a hair. In the more recent elections, Biden was the clearer winner. There were signs of success in his birth chart and that of the candidate to Vice President, Kamala Harris.

This is without mentioning the amount of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people who have sat through a reading of their birth chart during a time when it wasn’t safe for them to come out.

The astrologer, who may have assumed everyone to be straight, may have looked at signs of marriage with the opposite sex. The most accurate thing would have been to look at potential same-sex suitors. Practices informed by prejudice like this one can easily lead to wrong predictions.

Improving the Accuracy of Astrology

A way in which astrology can become more accurate is if it becomes more – well, woke. Decolonizing astrology can lead to more accurate predictions for Native American people and Third World countries, all of them still players in the global landscape. They are perfectly capable of launching a surprise event that an astrologer who never questions colonization would never see coming.

As the gender binary is becoming more and more obsolete, astrology will also have to revise its own binary way of looking at certain planets and Zodiac signs. That is if it wants to stay current and accurate. When did the rulebooks say that your Venus sign indicates what kind of woman you’re attracted to, and your Mars sign what kind of man you’re attracted to?

Where in the birth chart do you place an attraction to Non-Binary genders?

Thankfully, Astrology is now a topic of interest among the Queer community. They will for sure make invaluable contributions that break with gender binarism in due time.

This is just mentioning serious horoscopes and astrological readings that work with advanced information. The kind of horoscope that you see in the newspaper is probably not made with serious astrological information at hand. It is instead made up of vague phrases that don’t have much meaning and could easily apply to many people. These kinds of horoscopes, of course, have a high likelihood of being wrong.

Final Thoughts

In short, astrology can indeed be wrong because humans can be wrong. When humans try to interpret the ancient wisdom of the stars, their own prejudices and biases come into play. These could taint their predictions or lead them in the wrong direction. There are also complex events that hinge on last-minute things.

This is without mentioning horoscopes that are not made with serious sources at hand, which can definitely be wrong. The accuracy of astrology can definitely be improved if astrologers as a collective take on the task of decolonizing astrology and doing away with gender binaries.

Have you ever observed firsthand an astrological prediction that missed the mark? Let us know in the comments below!

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