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What it Feels Like to Be High! Most common effects of cannabis

The most common question for those who’ve never consumed cannabis is: what does it feel like to be high?

Cannabis has the potential to shift perspectives and bring about new awareness, thus generating extreme curiosity among prospective users wishing to take the plunge.

Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at how it feels to be high. From increased energy to body-melting relaxation, join us as we describe the sensations derived from consuming cannabis.

What It Means to Be High

First, let’s discuss the elephant in the room — being high.

The term “high” is used to describe a mental shift or an altered state of being. Once individuals consume cannabis, the previous sober state disappears and is replaced by a new feeling.

Ultimately, the sensation of being high is caused by THC within marijuana. THC is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis.

The term psychoactive immediately implies that THC has the potential to activate your mental state. From increased awareness to new perspectives, THC is the primary driver in transitioning from a sober state to a stoned state.

effect of cannabis on creativityMost Common Effects of Being High

Whether you smoke marijuana or eat cannabis-infused edibles — the likely result is being high.

It’s natural to wonder what the effects of being high are if you’ve never tried smoking weed before. Below, we’ll discuss the different effects of being high.

Remember, the effects of cannabis vary. Furthermore, individual tolerance varies drastically, meaning two people smoking the same marijuana strain may experience different effects.

Thus, we’ll describe common marijuana-driven effects below.


Euphoria is the feeling of intense happiness or excitement.

Cannabis promotes extreme feelings of euphoria — especially at the onset. Therefore, new users can expect stress and other negative feelings to disappear after consuming cannabis.

Increased Awareness

The properties of cannabis (terpenes and cannabinoids) are known to promote increased awareness.

Overall, the senses are stimulated; therefore, sounds, scents, flavors, feel, and sight are all affected with increased sensitivity. In other words, savory-smelling food is amplified, thus making your mouth water.

Additionally, cannabis can enhance focus, making it the perfect study buddy when cramming for an exam.

Overall, cannabis allows users to perceive things around and within them differently.

Increased Creativity

New cannabis users have a strong desire to experience elevated creativity — especially since many artists claim to use marijuana for its creative appeal.

Ultimately, cannabis reduces mental barriers and allows us to view the world in a different light. Thus, creative pursuits are amplified by allowing us to create new artistic perspectives.

Relaxation or Sedation

A major component of cannabis is its ability to promote deep-rooted relaxation.

Cannabis strains, such as indicas, are known to make users feel lazy, relaxed, or downright sleepy. For some users, feeling sleepy is not an effect that they wish to experience during the day.

However, many cannabis consumers with medical issues, such as insomnia, chronic stress, anxiety, or depression, benefit from cannabis which promotes relaxation.


Another notable effect of cannabis, especially during the onset, is a sense of confusion.

The moment from sobriety to being high is nearly instant, yet the effects can feel baffling if you’ve never been stoned before. Thus, it’s normal to feel confused at first.

Many first-time cannabis users may experience short-term memory or undergo a loss of motor skills. In any case, confusing effects are temporary and resolve after your high fades away.

Increased Humor

Nearly everyone who consumes cannabis can attest that being high usually means a lot of laughter.

Being high turns even the most mundane aspects of life into a big joke. Everything is downright hilarious, from staring at an apple on the countertop to watching a stoner movie.

Therefore, if you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re high, you might give it away by bursting into laughter over something that usually isn’t all that funny.

girls being humorous and having the munchiesThe Munchies

Another notable aspect of consuming cannabis is the munchies.

Cannabis stimulates the appetite, which in turn causes you to beeline directly to the fridge. Everything tastes delicious while high, making marijuana a double-edged sword for most individuals.

The effects of cannabis vary greatly from person to person, and you may find that you don’t experience all or any of the effects mentioned above. However, if you have any concerns, it’s best to consult your doctor or a professional before trying cannabis for the first time.

The Bubble of Being High

Overall, being high places your mind and body on another level.

Everything is changed, from depth perception to auditory levels and beyond. Most notably, your perspective shifts from that of a traditional world to a completely new and open world.

Many cannabis users describe how they can’t imagine feeling violent or deeply angry while high. Overall, marijuana’s effects are peaceful in nature because it propels us towards a more relaxed and creative mindset.

Additionally, the effects of being high are wholly geared towards pain relief, euphoria, and stress reduction. Ultimately, cannabis effects are overwhelmingly positive compared to our daily emotions that wildly swing from happy to sad.

Tips to Getting High for New Cannabis Users

If you’re ready to find out what it means to feel high for yourself — here are a few tips to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.


Next, choose a relaxed setting where you already feel comfortable.

Always prepare everything ahead of time, such as music selection, snacks, and anything else that you feel you may need once you’re high.

Lastly, it’s imperative that you consume a small amount of cannabis at first. If you decide you’d like to go higher, gauge your feelings — and consume another small dosage.

Ultimately, everyone reacts differently to cannabis, meaning you need to experiment for yourself to find the right level of effects. As long as you follow these tips, your first time being high will be an event to remember.

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