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The difference between body high and head high

Body High vs Head High: There’s a Difference

Not all highs are created equal.

Whether you are a beginner with weed or a seasoned pro, everyone has a preference on what kind of high they want to experience.

However, to know what kind of high is best for what situation you first need to know how the body even gets high.

How does cannabis get you high?

When you consume cannabis, you are introducing cannabinoids into your system. We naturally have cannabinoid receptors in our brain. These receptors attach to the incoming cannabinoids from the weed you are consuming which in turn creates the high.

THC and CBD are both cannabinoids but only THC produces a high and the ratio of these determines the type of high the strain produces.

How you consume your weed will also affect what kind of high you get.

  • Edibles go through the stomach and need to be digested first. The cannabinoids then go to your liver where the liver will convert the THC. This process is what gives you the body high feeling.
  • Smoking goes through your lungs and right into your blood supply which then goes straight to your brain. This process is what gives you a head high.

The type of high you get also has a lot to do with what strain you choose.

What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?


Sativa is a Type I strain that has more THC than CBD and usually gives you a cerebrally enhanced head high. This high often leaves the user feeling creative, focused, and euphoric.


Indica is a Type III strain that has more CBD than THC. Because of this, Indica usually gives the user a body high causing a full-body sensation that is deeply relaxing.

Even though Indica strains are mainly CBD, there are traces of THC in them causing psychoactive effects like Sativa, just not as much. No matter what version of Indica you try, you cannot escape the possibility of a small head high. If that is something you are trying to avoid you need to find a strain with as little THC as possible.


Hybrids are Type II strains that contain a mixture of both THC and CBD. Hybrid strains are more common than purely Sativa or purely Indica. This strain will give you both a head and body high. However, if the strain is not 50/50 you will have more of one effect over the other. There are plenty of plants that are a hybrid of both Sativa and Indica strains making it hard to know just what type of high you might get from a certain product. The best way to prevent this problem is to make sure to use a cannabis provider you trust that sells products with the most accurate strain information.

If you are a beginner in the world of cannabis do not hesitate to ask the people working in the dispensaries for guidance. It is their job to match the consumer to the right type of weed they are looking for.

How do you know which high is right for you?

Head Highs

Sativa typically causes you to feel creative, it makes you feel like everything is funny and all you want to do is talk.  A head high usually cheers someone up, makes them more productive, and leaves them more functional than body highs. Some even report a feeling of positivity and optimism.

Head highs are felt immediately after one or two hits and can give you the following effects:

  • Euphoria
  • Energy
  • A sense of pleasure.
  • Optimism
  • Creativity
  • Spacey

Body Highs

Indica typically leaves you feeling extremely relaxed and ready to take the best nap of your life. This type of high makes you feel sleepy, sensitive to touch and can even enhance your sexual awareness. Some users report that they feel less functional and more impaired. There are even reports of people feeling like they are leaning in a certain direction without intending to.

Body highs take a while to go begin, usually between 20 minutes to an hour after consuming an edible, and can give you the following effects:

  • Relaxation
  • Laziness
  • A heavy feeling
  • Tingling sensation all over
  • Increased appetite
  • loss of balance


Indica is known to cause drowsiness due to the amount of CBD in the strain. The more CBD the more relaxing the strain will be.

Remember: You will not find the perfect product with the perfect high right from the start. There are too many factors that come into play when considering which strain will produce which kind of high. It will take some trial and error to find the right strain or combination to get the effect you want.

Which strain is good for daytime use vs nighttime use?


If you are looking for an immediate high that leaves you relatively functional, head highs are your best bet. Sativa produces an almost immediate high after one or two hits and is generally recommended for daytime use.

Sativas are good for the following situations:

  • When you are looking to be creative
  • When you need to be more alert
  • When you are trying to focus on a task
  • When you need help with your social anxiety
  • When you need help changing your mood from depressed to something more optimistic and happier.
  • When you are looking to enhance your gaming, tv or music experience.

Be aware that:

  • Your eyes can get red and glassy due to the psychoactive effects.
  • Paranoia
  • Your heart rate can increase.
    • According to WebMD- Smoking pot can increase your heart rate by as much as two times for up to three hours.

For some people, the increased heart rate with Sativa can cause their anxiety to get worse and bring on feelings of panic.


If you are looking to relax and get help falling asleep, body highs are your best bet. Indica gives off more physical effects due to the higher concentrations of THC. It can take a while to go into effect because they are usually consumed in the form of an edible. However, when you do start to feel it, it creates an overwhelming sense of heaviness that can make you very sleepy.

Indica’s are good for the following situations:

  • When you are wanting to Netflix and chill
  • When you need to ease pain and lower inflammation
  • When you need to reduce the number of seizures you have
  • When you need help falling asleep
  • When you want to enhance sex
  • When you need to calm down
  • When you need to try and get rid of a migraine or muscle spasm

Be aware that:

  • Some people experience feelings of paralysis and out of body experiences that can be frightening.


Cannabis, in its many forms, can offer a wide variety of pleasant and not so pleasant effects depending on the type of strain you choose and how you choose to consume it.

If you are new to the world of cannabis, do your research and talk with your doctor to make sure you are not taking any medications cannabis can interfere with.

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