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Top 13 High-THC Strains of 2022

Have you noticed your weed is stronger these days? If so, it’s not just you. Recent studies find that the potency of psychoactive compounds in cannabis is on the rise.

New research shows that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrations in marijuana flowers have increased by 14% between 1970 and 2017. THC is the primary intoxicating cannabinoid responsible for causing euphoric highs. The main reason for this increase in THC is because growers and consumers favor sinsemilla, which is a seedless and potent flower from female plants.

Back in the 1960s or 1970s, you were lucky to find a strain with over 10% THC content. Now, dispensaries are full of strains topping 20%, 30%, and even 40%.

If you are looking for a good high, you can find an ever-increasing variety of ultra-potent strains in legal markets.

But there might be one question on your mind: What are the strongest weed strains of 2022? Keep reading to find out our top 13 picks.

Picture of the different strains of weed available in 202213 Best Weed Strains of 2022

To be clear, the following list does not include all the brand new strains for 2022. In fact, many of them are classic strains that have been selectively bred to contain more cannabinoids over multiple generations. Breeders create higher THC strains by favoring female genetics. When a grower finds a plant with preferable genetics, such as high THC, they simply clone it.

There is plenty of strong weed out there, but some strains are more beloved than others. Here are our favorite highest THC strains of 2022.

1. Strawberry Banana

This fruity Indica-dominant hybrid is a powerhouse. Strawberry Banana has a high-resin output with THC levels as high as 28%. It is a repeat-favorite on the “Strongest Strains on Earth” list from High Times.

A cross between a male Bubble Gum and a female Banana Kush, Strawberry Banana is known to produce large yields of frosty flowers. Consumers love this strain for its sweet taste and scent, along with its balanced hybrid effects.

Man smoking the Godfather OG Strain2. Godfather OG

This is one of the most potent weed strains in existence. This Indica-dominant hybrid is known to possess a THC content of up to 34%! Godfather OG is a cross between three legendary strains: OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Granddaddy Purple. Because of this lineage, Godfather OG is considered the king of all kush strains.

As a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup, this strain starts with an invigorating head high that melts into whole-body relaxation. Don’t be surprised if you end up with some intense couch-lock!

3. Bruce Banner

If you’re a comic book fan, you’ll recognize this strain’s name as the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego. This heavy-hitting hybrid has an average THC content of 23%. Bruce Banner won the 2013 Denver Cannabis Cup and was rated the strongest strain by High Times in 2014.

This Marvel namesake strain derives from Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. These genetics are noticeable in Bruce Banner’s diesel scent and sweet undertones. Consumers note that this strain provides a creative and euphoric buzz perfect for daytime use. There are three phenotypes of Bruce Banner available, including Bruce Banner #3.

4. White Fire OG

White Fire OG, also known as Wifi OG, comes from Southern California. The lineage includes a potent male, The White, and a stable Fire OG female. According to lab tests, the potency can reach 29% THC. Wifi OG is known for its uplifting euphoria with an aroma that mixes pine and fuel.

5. Chemdog

Did you know that Chemdog originates from a Grateful Dead concert? One fateful night in 1991, the Grateful Dead were playing a show in Indiana. Three cannabis enthusiasts by the names of Mike “Chemdog” Nee, P-Bud, and Joe Brand met in the parking lot. They exchanged a strain called Dogbud. Mike noticed a chemical-like taste in the strain, so he combined the terms “Dogbud” and “chemical” to create a new name: Chemdog.

You may see this strain labeled as “Chemdawg,” although that is technically an incorrect spelling. This phenotype of Dogbud tends to test between 21% and 24% THC.

Cupcakes made with the Irish Cream strain of weed6. Irish Cream

Selective breeding led to this powerful cannabis strain. Mighty Irish Seeds created Irish Cream by crossbreeding Cookies and Cream and Real McCoy. Topping 25% THC, this strain tastes of pine and fresh herbs. With a mixture of cerebral and whole-body effects, this is a perfect strain for evening use.

7. GG4

GG4 is also known as Original Glue, Gorilla Glue, and Gorilla Glue #4. This is the favorable phenotype of a strain bred by Lone Watty and Josey Whales of Nevada’s GG Strains. The Gorilla Glue strain comes from an accidental cross of Chem Sister and Sour Dubb. Out of four phenotypes, GG4 won out as the star.

Testing between 27% – 30% THC, this strain is known for its heavy-handed couch-lock. GG4 has won multiple awards, including the High Times Jamaican World Cup and the 2014 Cannabis Cups in Los Angeles and Michigan. GG Strains is no longer allowed to market the strain as “Gorilla Glue” after the popular adhesive company of the same name brought a lawsuit.

8. The Toad

Did you know Mike Tyson has his own cannabis brand and strain? The brand, Tyson Ranch, has produced an exceptionally potent strain called The Toad. This Indica-dominant strain derives from GSC and Chemdog OG. The Toad boasts THC levels of over 30%.

9. GSC

GSC is one of the most well-known strains across the world. It was formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies until the children’s organization took legal action for trademark violations. This flagship strain of the Cookie crew in Northern California is a cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush. GSC tests between 17% – 28% THC and has won multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards. There are numerous phenotypes of this beloved strain, including Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint.

10. Brownie Scout

Illinois cultivators Green Thumb Industries made news in 2019 when they released Brownie Scout testing at 37.5% THC. The strain is a cross between Platinum Cookies and Kosher Kush.

Buds from the Amnesia Haze strain of weed11. Amnesia Haze

This strain comes from a complex lineage, crossing Afghani, Hawaiian, and Southeast Asian varieties. The average THC content for Amnesia Haze stands at 21%. It has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards for its mixture of relaxing and uplifting effects.

12. Scott’s OG

Hailing from Colorado’s Rare Dankness seed back, Scott’s OG consistently tests above 25% THC. This strain produces a strong lemon smell with resinous buds. The genetics stems from Triangle Kush and Rare Dankness #1.

13. White Tahoe Cookies

This recently-created strain is a cross between GSC, The White, and Tahoe OG. The average potency for this Indica-dominant strain is 20% THC. When smoked, White Tahoe Cookies exhibits sweet notes with OG undertones, bringing on a slew of restful effects.

Takeaways: Cannabinoids and THC Benefits

Even though the marijuana plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids and numerous terpenes, people still mostly care about THC content. This is because THC is the main contributor to cannabis feeling euphoric, mind-altering, sedating or socially enhancing. However, it’s important to realize that other cannabinoids and terpenes also play roles in these effects.

Additionally, it’s vital to know that THC isn’t sought-after only for its intoxicating effects. Scientific research shows THC alleviates pain, reduces nausea, and improves sleep.

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