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Will Edibles Mold? A Complete Guide About Prevention and Detection

The cannabis industry is going through a swift phase of growth. The manufacturers are coming up with all-new ideas for creating products for the consumers. These products include edibles of various forms. There’s no doubt that cannabis-infused bakery products like cookies and brownies are catching on with users. What’s better than a cookie that gives you all the healing benefits of cannabis?

Will Cannabis Edibles Expire or Mold?

People are getting their hands on these products and buying them in bulk. Now the question arises: will hemp or cannabis edible products expire over time? Or will edibles mold?

The answer is yes! But how long do the edibles take to mold? These edibles are expensive, and no one would want them all to be spoiled, right? The good part is that generally, these edibles can be stored for a long time. And especially if the products contain preservatives, they can stay fresh for more extended periods.

However, the molding of edibles is highly affected by factors like humidity, temperature, light, and ventilation. Even products tested by laboratories and sold by licensed dispensaries might develop mold when not kept in an appropriate environment.

Here, we’re going to crack down various aspects of the molding of edibles in order to enable you to prevent or detect mold in edible products.

picture of cannabis starting to develop moldHow To Detect Mold? 

Cannabis users need to learn how to detect mold. Oftentimes, mold isn’t necessarily found on old cannabis products, and you might even discover it right away after getting it from a cannabis store. This is because you are not aware of how long it has been in that dispensary.

Although many reputable dispensaries take care of these aspects, it’s not a wise choice to rely completely on them. So it is crucial to be able to inspect the cannabis edibles beforehand.

If you regularly use cannabis products, you’ll figure out that something’s not right with the taste and the smell. You’ll feel that significant difference in the taste and crunchiness of cookies. For those who are not regular users and aren’t sure how to detect it, having a diligent look at it may do the work for them. If it is molded, you’ll instantly observe small powdery dots, generally white in color. That’s how you can easily detect mold in your cannabis edibles.

Molded products do not have adverse effects on your health; however, you may feel nausea and cough afterward. But if you’re an individual with a weak immune system, you may go through serious issues. So being careful is always important.

shelf life of edible cannabis browniesLife Of Cannabis Edibles

If you’re obsessed with cannabis-infused baked edibles and other products, their shelf life is important for you. When it comes to infused products, the cannabis infusion must be done precisely in order to maintain its shelf life.

When done correctly, these products are good to use. For example, a cannabis-infused brownie will have a shelf life equal to a regular brownie that has no cannabis.

How To Prevent Edibles From Molding

Preserving the edibles in optimal conditions can prolong their life and maintain product quality for a long period. Here’s all you need to know to ensure the prolonged freshness of your cannabis edibles.

Storage Containers for Edibles

Cannabis edibles like gummies, chocolates, and brownies can be stored safely for long periods. Just choose wisely and store them properly. The product you’re storing should be kept in the right container. Wise choices in this regard can help you keep them fresh. Cannabis edibles are generally suggested to be stored in the following types of containers:

Airtight containers- The edibles need more protection if you intend to store them for a long time, like several weeks. To keep your cannabis edibles fresh for long periods, you need an airtight container and a zip lock bag. Just put all the edibles in the bag and store them inside a clean and dry airtight container.

Silicone Container- Silicone containers are suitable if you are not planning to store the product for an extended period. To keep the cannabis edibles fresh for short periods, take a silicone container and store them in it. However, make sure that there’s no humidity.

Glass Jars- The classic glass jars may also do the work if paired with parchment papers. Keep the jar tightly closed and make sure it is scorched and clean inside.

Freezer- Storing cannabis edibles by freezing at low temperatures can be a perfect option to keep them for long periods. But make sure to defrost it slowly.

Other Tips:

  • Keep the cannabis edibles away from light, so storing them in opaque containers might help. Make sure that the containers aren’t clear or transparent.
  • Make sure you keep track of the date when you buy and store a product to get an idea about its shelf life.

Maintain Optimum Humidity

It’s essential to be sure that the environment is neither too dry nor too humid. If you exceed the Optimum Humidity levels, bacteria, yeast, or mold might likely develop and grow faster in the presence of water vapors. Whereas if the environment is dry, your cannabis edibles will dry out, which is not what you want.

So, try maintaining an average humidity level of 60 to 63%. There are various methods to maintain these levels, but they are going to take a little investment.

cool and dark food storageKeep It in a Dark and Cool Place

Although the temperature and the amount of light seem inconsequential, they are still important and may drastically affect your cannabis edibles’ lives. It’s crucial to keep them in places that have no access to direct sunlight. Cannabis might break down in the presence of direct sunlight.

Also, make sure that area is cool. The ideal temperature to store cannabis edibles is room temperature, i.e., 25 degrees Celsius. Keep the containers in dry, clean, and dark closets and cabinets.

Final Thoughts

Mold is a common issue related to the spoilage of cannabis edibles. We addressed a common concern: will edibles mold and discussed how to prevent mold growth and keep your favorite cannabis cookies fresh for a long time.

Edible products can be saved from molding by being careful with a few aspects while storing the edibles. It’s all about taking care of humidity, light, temperature, and Ventilation. Also, make sure to check your edibles before consuming them.

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