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Why Vision Boards Actually Work and How to Start One

Perhaps you have already heard of vision boards and don’t quite understand the craze. Or maybe this is the first time you’ve come across the subject at all. In any case, if you are looking to expand your current reality and usher in your dream life, you’ve come to the right place! 

Vision boards have been growing in popularity for years and for a good reason. They have the power to transform lives and manifest even the loftiest of goals. No dream is too big for a vision board – you’ll just need to make sure it can fit onto the board itself! 

What is a Vision Board?

Simply put, vision boards are an incredibly effective manifestation technique that draws from Law of Attraction basics to bring forward whatever it is you need and desire. They are a (mostly physical) collection of images, words, and ideas that embody your ideal life or pieces of your life. Think of them like a collage with a purpose: you are amassing a compilation of snapshots that best capture your ideal life. 

Why do Vision Boards work?

At their core, vision boards draw on the powers and principles of Law of Attraction. Like the Law of Attraction, they work to reframe your state of mind to meet the vibrations of whatever you seek. 

The Law of Attraction is the simple means in which energies in the Universe meet one another. Each thought, feeling, and action we take carries a vibrational frequency with it. These frequencies are the building blocks for our realities and have the power to influence every part of our lives. If you have ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed and proceeded to have a terrible day as a result, then you will know exactly what I mean! 

When your energy is low, you will have a hard time receiving what you want. With low vibrational thoughts, you are paving the way for low vibrational energy to enter your life. The more positivity we release, the more we receive in return. 

Our minds are responsible for shaping our lived realities. The Law of Attraction and vision boards work as an investment/return relationship. You are training the subconscious mind to vibrate at the frequency of what you want. And the more you invest into your affirmations, the more you will naturally attract blessings in your life. 

Additionally, vision boards allow us to visualize our dreams in a very real sense. Visualization is often used as a meditation and manifestation technique on its own, but vision boards offer a more permanent, physical means in which you can see your desires in-color each day. This type of consistent visualization accelerates and magnifies the Law of Attraction process. When you are faced each day with your goals and aspirations, you are more likely to make decisions that are in alignment with them.

By using a combination of Law of Attraction and visualization, vision boards are the catalysts to change you might have been searching for. Whether you are faced with some energetic stagnancy or are just looking for an effective way to reach your goals, vision boards can offer you what you seek and so much more. 

How to Start Your Own Vision Board 

vision boards

There are several different types of vision boards. Some opt to have digital vision boards using sites like Pinterest to collect images, while others prefer being able to see them hanging on their room’s walls. Additionally, some prefer to organize their vision board by categories to best maximize the use of space. Regardless of the medium (digital or physical), just be sure that your vision board is something you take a look at each day. 

If your interest is piqued and you are ready to get started creating your own vision board, follow the guidelines below! 

You will need: 

  • Old magazines, newspapers, and picture books 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue or tape
  • A blank posterboard 
  • Some free time
  • A quiet workspace 
  • Optional: Internet access and a color printer 

Step 1: Get Clear on Your Goals 

Take some time to reflect and consider what is most important to you. Think about the pieces of your life you hope to improve, the destinations you wish to travel to, that dream job you’ve been fantasizing over, or the ideal living space you wish to cultivate. This will all serve as fuel in searching for and collecting the images and words for your vision board. 

As you think through what areas of your life you would like to capture, jot them down into a small list. After you have your list, think of words that you would like these parts of your life to embody. Consider words like, “peace,” or “abundance,” or “joy.” Whatever fits your vision! 

Step 2: Break Out the Magazines 

With your list handy, start thumbing through your magazines, newspapers, and old books. Begin by pulling any and everything that catches your eye or you feel an intuitive connection to. This isn’t the time to be critical or go searching for that one perfect picture or word – pull it all! You may consider separating the images by categories such as “travel” or “home.” Or you might just put them all in one pile which is totally fine too. 

No matter how you decide to organize your pictures now, you will have the opportunity to edit later. Focus on words and images that bring forward the emotions you are looking to bring into your life and leave it at that for now! 

Step 3: Refine your Collection 

Now that you have your pile(s) of words and images, it’s time for you to piece through them a little more selectively. As you go through your pictures once more, consider what pictures really embody your vision. This is no time to settle or feel unsure. Only choose images that you feel a strong connection to! 

If you have access to a computer, tablet, or laptop and a color printer, you may want to turn your search online. If there are any pieces of your life you didn’t feel were adequately covered by your collection from paper sources, start looking through Google and Pinterest to see what else is out there! Chances are, you will find images that match exactly what you are looking for. 

Step 4: Ready, Set, Assemble! 

Get ready to get crafty! Grab your posterboard and tape/glue. Consider whether you’d like to organize your vision board by categories or sections first. If you choose to go this route, I recommend writing the categories out in pencil on the board itself so you can see where you need to paste your images. 

This part is pretty self-explanatory but start gluing/taping your images to your board. You may choose to embellish certain images with doodles or scrapbooking details, but this is not necessary. Just be sure that the vision board really embodies you and your dream life – this is the only requirement! 

Step 5: Place it Somewhere You Can See It Everyday 

This step is incredibly important. In order for the vision board to work its full magic, you will need to place it somewhere that you pass by frequently. Some people choose to keep it next to their beds so it’s the first thing they see when they wake up, others next to their mirrors to serve as a reminder of their goals while they are getting ready for their day. Wherever you decide to place it, just be sure that it is visible and a prominent feature of the space. 

As you continue to pass by and view your vision each day, your brain will begin to integrate these images into your deep subconscious. You may start to find that your decisions and actions are in alignment with your goals and you will start to see some of these images come to fruition in major ways! This is the magic of a vision board. 

Is a Vision Board Right for Me?

If you are looking for a creative way to display your goals, a vision board might be an excellent option for you. There might be pieces and parts of your life that you know need a little fine-tuning or maybe you are just tired of putting off that much-needed international vacation! Regardless of your motives to creating a vision board, they are a highly versatile and effective way to put your thoughts on paper and manifest your dream realities.

 Not only are vision boards fun and a productive way to spend a lowkey afternoon, but they also have the power to totally and fully reset your life. All that you wish and more could be yours through the power of your vision board – so, what’re you waiting for? Get out there and start collecting your dream life! 

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