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What Are The 12 Universal Laws?

When we hear the phrase universal laws, one law usually pops up in our mind: the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction, though currently very popular, is not the only law that governs the Universe. There are believed to be 12 primary Universal Laws.

The purpose of the 12 Universal Laws is to help people achieve a happy and peaceful existence.

The laws are intertwined together to create harmony, and it’s believed that when you neglect one, it keeps you from reaching your full potential and living a happy life.

People who know, understand, and practice the 12 laws are thought to live a more peaceful life full of confidence and understanding of the world around them.

This article will focus on the 12 primary Universal Laws and how you can apply them to your life.

What are Universal Laws?

Universal laws are the rules of the Universe that control and impact everything around us. It can also be seen as rules that make up our physical world.

The 12 Universal Laws are looked at as the building blocks of the physical Universe we live in.

The practice of the laws can be traced back to ancient Hawaiian culture, where the healers would use a healing method that focused on forgiveness and cleansing the spirit. Some of the laws can also be traced back to hermetic philosophy from ancient Egyptian times.

What are the 12 Universal Laws?

The 12 Universal Laws are:

sun shining through the clouds1- The Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness states that we all come from the same source, making us all intrinsically connected. Therefore, everything you say, do, or even think affects the Universe through a ripple effect. This is the foundational law of the Universe, and it is based on empathy and compassion for others.

2- The Law of Vibration

Everything in the Universe is made up of atoms, and atoms are in a constant state of vibration. The law of attraction, which can also be known as the law of energy, states that everything and everyone gives off a frequency and power from those vibrations that are invisible to the naked eye. It is believed that once you possess an understanding that you can tune your frequency, you can reach a higher vibration level which will have a significant effect on your daily life, leading you to feel you have a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

3- The Law of Correspondence

This law states that we are what we feel inside. Our outer world is affected by our thoughts and feelings inside of us. This universal law believes that there is no such thing as coincidences and that what you think or feel yourself to be will be reflected in the outer world. It also states that patterns that continue to repeat in your life on a small or large scale directly correlate to what is going on inside of you.

friends attracted to each other by the law of attraction4- The Law of Attraction

The law that everyone has heard of, at least once in their life. This law states that your vibration or intentions will become your reality. It is believed that thoughts are vibrations and the vibrations, beliefs, and emotions we put out into the world are what we receive in life.

5- The Law of Inspired Action

This universal law believes that your actions speak for you, so it’s better to take action from a place of inspiration and good intentions. This law is also best coupled with the Law of Attraction. It’s not enough to believe something but also to take actionable steps to achieve it. Inspired action comes from a deep inner knowing within.

6- The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states that everything is in a constant change from one form to another. Think, the creation of physical reality, reincarnation, life after death, and more. In essence, this law states that your vibrational frequency has the power to affect someone else’s and vice versa. The key to harnessing this law is to understand how someone else’s energy can affect yours and how you can use this knowledge to protect yourself from negative energy.

7- The Law of Cause & Effect

The Law of Cause & Effect is the basis for Karma. Both good and evil create a reaction or ripple that will find its way back to you. When you do something with good intentions, those good intentions will get back to you in some form. The same goes for bad intentions. What you put out in the world will be returned to you.

8- The Law of Compensation

“You reap what you sow.” Like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause & Effect, this law is all about what you put out into the world, you will, in turn, receive. The main difference between this law and the others is that what you think is something negative could be positive and vice versa. Thus, the Universe will compensate you equal to the true intention or energy you sent out.

9- The Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity states that everything is neutral. What we might find good, someone else might see as wrong, and vice versa. Good and evil are labels that we create. The Universe doesn’t adhere to those labels. The key here is to change your perspective in order to improve on yourself continually. This law stresses the need to let go of our preconceived judgments and labels and realize that everything in the Universe is neither good nor bad.

10- The Law of Polarity

This universal law helps us make sense of the dual nature of existence. Everything has an opposite. A yin to their yang, so to say. The presence of these opposites is vital in helping us understand a deeper understanding and perspective over our lives. For example, a bad relationship allows us to better recognize a good one or a rainy day, helps us appreciate a sunny one, and so on. The key to this law is to understand that everything has a positive and negative aspect to it and that to understand and embrace it fully, you need to acknowledge its duality.

drummers beating to the same rhythm11- The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm teaches us that everything in this world has a universal rhythm, wave, and flow. Think cycles and perpetual movement. Everything comes and goes. Nothing ever stays in one state forever. Think of the changing of the seasons or our human life cycles. The key to this law is to understand that life is lived in waves. When you are in a bad situation, try to remember that it is just temporary. The Law of Rhythm encourages us to follow the natural ebb and flow from the Universe to achieve overall peace and harmony.

12- The Law of Gender

The Law of Gender states that there are two types of energy, masculine and feminine, but it’s less about human men and women and more about power. Neither energy is better than the other. The key to this law is understanding that both energies need to balance one another to live a fulfilling and happy life. It’s important to know that this energy exists in all things.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the 12 universal laws can help you achieve a more holistic knowledge of the Universe and how it operates.

When you practice these laws, you can experience a profound feeling of empathy and compassion for others. You could recognize your power in creating the life you want, and you could be able to feel more thanks and appreciation for all you have.

Working with these laws is a gradual process. It takes effort and experience to live by them continuously and mastering them may be a lifetime journey for everyone.

Remember, the only limitations we have in life are the ones we place on ourselves.

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