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Do Edibles Have Calories?

Though the phrase  “calorie” belongs to a more extensive vocabulary chunk, several people rarely understand what it is. And how calorie intake relates to CBD edibles. Let’s dive into it!

What Are Calories?

Wondering what calorie intake gas got to do with nutrition? Let’s try to figure it out this way: Calories are units of energy. All the drinks and food we ingest give us the energy we need in our physical activities. Hence, the calorie number is the amount of energy a specific food provides us with.

We are not all the same. Hence, the amount of calorie intake each of us may need varies. In some individuals, their body metabolism is fast. In comparison, others need a small amount of calorie intake since their body metabolism is slower.

Calories can be found in beverages and all foods. Cannabis-infused edibles are not an exception!

infusing cannabis into chocolate chip cookiesA Look Into CBD-infused Edibles

Several cannabis enthusiasts ingest Cannabis by consuming edibles. In the market today, there exist several types of edibles for sale. They include:

  • Cookies and brownies
  • Cannabis-infused chocolate
  • THC drink mixes
  • CBD gummies

In recent times, CBD-infused products have risen in popularity. Hence, more companies continue to introduce more cannabis products into the market. Whatsoever your preference is, be sure you can’t miss it online or in a cannabis store.

Not only can one add cannabis buds into their meal, one might opt to bake; CBD is one of the ingredients of their edible. With edibles, one can prepare them at home.

Cannabis-infused foods and edibles allow one to monitor their CBD dosage. As well, they’ll help you find recipes and products which meet your dietary needs. Hence, if one intends to monitor their calorie intake, one can comfortably choose an edible that lies in the preference calorie count.

Caloric Nutrition and Cannabis

Health, nutrition, and healthy foods have become a topic most currently discussed in mainstream media. According to the National Library Of Medicine, in research recently carried out, one may fail to lose weight despite low-calorie intake because of higher energy intake.

Increased calorie intake results from ingesting more meals in a day, even if the meals have a low-calorie ratio per serving.

Being healthy tends to be everyone’s ultimatum and long-term goal. While passing by cannabis lounges, several people opt for low-calorie edibles from the budtenders.

As a result, several manufacturers and companies are trying to come up with healthier options. Some of the products include broths, freeze-dried fruits, glazed nuts, and crackers. Other products are geared towards losing weight.

Low-calorie cannabis edibles serve as an option for cannabis enthusiasts who wouldn’t like to smoke weed and are not ready to quit smoking, yet they would love to monitor their diet.

It might help to note that one doesn’t have to worry about calories when using CBD topicals.

two girls that overate on pizzaWhy Monitor Dietary Intake?

Estimates on the calorie intake of edibles are crucial. They help in monitoring nutritional status. Apart from helping the public health agencies in determining the adequacy or excessive intake of calories in given populations, assessing dietary

intake may help address overweight and obesity issues.

Why Should One Associate Edibles with High-Calorie Intake?

Cannabis itself as a plant cannot increase calorie intake. Instead, the “munchies” are served with it.

In some cases, Cannabis has been reported to stimulate hunger and enhance appetite simultaneously. However, in other cases, it is one of the effects while using cannabis. Hence, one can always find ways to navigate by balancing calorie intake.

When one smokes or ingests edibles, which may increase appetite, they may not necessarily opt for junk foods. Instead, one can go for snacks. So, instead of chips, if one were to stock their house with fruits, there are chances of having a low-calorie intake due to stimulating appetite. Calorie intake as a result of appetite spikes may begin to reduce.

How Does Cannabis Edibles Affect Weight?

Often, after dispelling myths, what might be the verdict on Cannabis & bodyweight? Often, we might have seen those who use Cannabis stay slender, even if they ingest 600 more calories in a day.

A few studies and research have been carried out to help establish why smoking and vaping can be associated with lack or loss of weight.

Researchers at Harvard’s Public Health School, Nebraska University, and Boston’s Beth Israel Medical Center recently conducted a study.

These health-based organizations worked jointly in sampling the adult population across the US. The study had 4,600 people participating. 42% of them have smoked sometimes back, and12% are active cannabis users.

While carrying out the study, researchers observed several parameters and functions. Some of the parameters recorded include:

  • Cholesterol levels
  • Waist size
  • Blood sugars control
  • Insulin resistance

According to the study, active cannabis users had higher “good” cholesterol levels, smaller waist sizes, insulin drops up to 16%, and up to 17% reduction in insulin resistance.

Those who had tried Cannabis in recent times had similar results. However, their degree was lesser.

Regarding health and weight, the findings had taken other factors like age and physical activity into consideration.

An Upward Trajectory In Raw Cannabis Use

Raw cannabis use continues to gain momentum. Raw Cannabis is always in its natural physical state before alternating and processing.

Raw Cannabis won’t give you the “high” feeling commonly associated with THC compounds. In raw Cannabis, the compound exists as THCA acid; hence inactive.

Hence, raw cannabis use tends to be an ideal solution for those seeking to enjoy Cannabis’s medical benefits without necessarily getting “high”- but still reaping the natural benefits of Cannabis to the fullest.

nutrition of a bag of hemp and bottle of cbd oilHemp, Weed, & Essential Nutrients

To constitute a healthy diet, one ought to go a bit higher than just calorie intake. One should be conscious of sodium content, carb counts, vitamins, fats, minerals, and protein levels.

Cannabis comes with several essential nutrients than one could ever imagine. Even better, its compatibility with any dish- from “just snacks” to heavy meals.- For example, hemp is gluten-free and dairy-free.

When discussing nutrients, one may rely on flavonoids that come with Cannabis, fiber, essential amino acids, phosphorus, magnesium, essential oils, and even calcium present in hemp plant leaves.

Cannabis seeds come with more components alike. These include insoluble fiber, protein, and vitamins B1, C, B3, E, and B6.

Take Away

There is a growing concern about health with several high stakes on healthy choices. Hence, calorie intake monitoring would only make sense if one is conscious of the edibles that they ingest.

Though, generally, one shouldn’t get worried about Cannabis and weight gain. While CBD use stimulates appetite, “healthy” foods around you can help combat the condition.

Cannabis’ reference with calorie intake through edibles is because of additional ingredients. However, other healthy options to choose from are available.

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