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Can You Freeze Edibles?

Who doesn’t love a good edible? Unlike other forms of cannabis consumption, which can involve elaborate techs like bongs and vapes, edibles are straightforward—you bake them, then you eat them. There are two factors to consider when assessing the wear of edibles: the weed factor and the food factor.

4 Simple Ways to Store Edibles

Under precise circumstances, cannabis-infused goods such as gummies, chocolate, cookies, cakes, brownies, and beer may be stored for extended periods. However, the precise amount of your time that your treats will keep largely depends on the sort of product and therefore the storage method you select.

Four of the most common methods of storing cannabis edibles are:

Silicone Containers:

This material is perfect for short-term storage. To avoid moisture impact, you should use a container whose size matches the amount of cannabis you wish to store.

Airtight Containers:

To make your edibles stay fresh for several weeks, simply wrap them in parchment paper and seal them inside a Ziploc bag. Then, use an airtight container for them.

glass jar for storing ediblesGlass Jars:

You can also use glass containers for storing. For sticky concentrates, make certain to wrap them in parchment paper (aluminum foil or paper for edibles) before storing them.


Many edibles and concentrates are often kept within the freezer for up to many months without losing their quality or flavor. Once you’re taking your products out of the freezer, it’s recommended that you simply defrost them slowly, as long as sudden temperature changes can impact the taste.

Generally, edibles (and cannabis-infused oils) can best be kept fresh within the fridge. This will be very suitable for foods that contain sugar, oil, or flour. Canna-butter could also be stored within the freezer or fridge during a glass container.

Can Edibles Lose Their Potency?

The good news is the potency of edibles. Luckily, edibles drop little potency even over long periods of your time. It has been found that edibles uphold near-identical potency even up to a year after production. When it involves the weed side of things, edibles are stable and you’ve got little to stress about.

Can Edibles Go Bad?

And now for the less good news, edibles can go bad as rapidly as their non-cannabis-infused equivalents. For instance, a cannabis brownie can go bad as rapidly as a normal brownie.

This is great news for manufacturers of cannabis candy, which is commonly sugar and will stay fresh for ages. For those with less saccharine tastes, you’ll be got to give some thought to storage.

storage container for Cannabutter

Can You Freeze Edibles, Cannabutter, Or Oil?

Freezing is that the best thanks to maintaining your edibles for as long as possible. Frozen edibles should not be exposed to light, so you should use opaque containers to stop light exposure. They must also be vacuum-packed in airtight containers to avoid damage from condensation.

A good way is to enfold your edibles in parchment paper, then store them in glass jars. You can also use a glass jar for your cannabutter or oil. You should wrap it in an opaque bag and then freeze it.

When freezing jars, confirm to not place your jar within the freezer until all its contents reach temperature. As many substances expand when frozen, you should leave some space too and don’t close the caps on too firmly. Finally, leave a touch of space between jars when first freezing. You’ll be able to avoid the misfortune of a cracked jar by following these tips.

You can also store your edibles in Ziploc baggies. For this purpose, put your edible within the baggie, seal it closed, leaving one corner open, and suck all the air out from it. Once all the air is sucked and the baggie is fully air-tight, seal the baggie. This is a way to “vacuum pack” your edibles at home if you don’t own a vacuum sealer.

Tips To Store Edibles, Cannabutter, Or Oil:

There are a couple of tips and tricks to take care of the freshness and usefulness of your edibles:

  • The fridge is your best friend. Even with baked goods, the fridge will prolong the lifetime of your edibles by an honest amount.
  • Avoid transparent containers—if there’s anything that can harm the cannabis component, it’s exposure to needless light.
  • Label the date of manufacture on edibles to keep track of the timespan you’ve had them.
  • Use airtight containers instead of wobbly bags and paper. Vacuum sealing is a good better option.
  • When consuming your edibles, cut off pieces, or portion them out with a scoop. Don’t utter of it directly or double-dip, and this may expose your edibles to bacteria from your mouth which can accelerate its degradation.

weed brownies defrosting after being frozenCan You Freeze Weed Brownies?

Yes, you can freeze weed brownies. Marijuana may be plant-like all others, and in its dried form freezes quite well. Be aware that a lot of people feel that the taste and potency intensify once frozen. You may get to fiddle a touch with the number within the recipe until you get a result you’re proud of.

If you want to make certain that your weed brownies are good for a long time, then you must use a food saver. Food savers will create a perfect seal by sucking out all the air in the freezer bag or container. In this way, anything sealed during this way will have a way longer lifetime within the freezer.

Whenever you are feeling like having another weed brownie, you’ll remove them from the freezer. We recommend you permit them to thaw at temperature, but you’ll also microwave on the acceptable defrost setting.

Can You Put Gummies in the Freezer?

Yes, you can freeze gummy candy in airtight containers or you can use durable freezer bags. How long does gummy candy last within the freezer? Gummy candy can uphold the uppermost quality for about a year and will stay good beyond that point if stored properly. Gummy candies must be stored in a cool, dry zone.

What Happens When You Freeze Gummy Candy?

When you freeze gummy candy, its texture can be altered. Not quite solid but not quite chewy. It’s addicting really. These frozen candies are perfect to satisfy your appetite and supply a refreshing bite.

Edibles are fun thanks to consuming cannabis, and if you store them carefully, you’ll be ready to enjoy them for long stretches of your time. Happy baking and cooking!

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