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5 Best CBD and Hemp Products for Itchy Dogs

My dog has suffered from itchy skin and allergies to food and grass for years. The vet prescribed different medications that were only moderately effective at best and came with undesirable side effects, such as an upset stomach and diarrhea.

This all changed when I started giving him CBD oil. That was over a year ago, and since then he’s been enjoying freedom from his itchy skin and allergies as well as improved mobility thanks to the effects of the treatment on his joints.

In this article, I want to go over my favorite CBD oils that can help relieve itchiness in dogs and why they might be a better choice than other medications.

5 Best CBD and Hemp Products for Itchy Dogs

Below are 5 of the best CBD products I’ve tried these past couple of years since my dog began to itch. You can get most of them directly from the manufacturer or on Amazon and I’ll include a link to each product below.

1- Honest Paws Relief CBD Pet Balm for

The CBD balm by Honest Paws is definitely the best CBD product I have found to relieve my dog’s itch so far. I have used Hemp oils before and they worked too, but not like full-spectrum CBD oil. It’s not very often you see a pet CBD product that has actual CBD in it rather than hemp oil.

Since this product contains CBD, you have to purchase it directly from Honest Paws’ website. CBD products are a bit more expensive and difficult to find, but they are definitely worth it.

Most other hemp oil products are ingested by adding them to your dog’s food. This product can be applied to their fur and will help with itching directly where they need it most.

2- Zesty Paws Salmon Omega Oil + Hemp for Dogs

When I can’t get my hands on CBD oil, I look for other ways to help my dog’s itching. The Zesty Paws oil is one of the best hemp products I’ve tried in the past few years. It comes in a pump bottle that you can squirt onto your dog’s food or directly into their mouth if they will let you.

I’ve noticed a general improvement in their mood and fur after using this product for a few weeks. I do recommend having some CBD oil on hand if your dog is really suffering from itching, but this stuff works pretty good too.

3- Billion Pets: Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

I’ve been using Billion Pets hemp oil for my dog for a few months now, and I’ve seen a significant improvement in his comfort and mobility. He’s always been a bit itchy, but the oil has helped to relieve the inflammation and pain. His coat is also looking much healthier since I started using it.

It comes in a one-ounce bottle with a dropper. I use the dropper to put it in his food, so he doesn’t even realize it’s there! You can also give it to your dog or cat directly if they are open to taking it. It’s also safe to work into your dog’s fur if they only have a small patch of itchy skin.

4- Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish & Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

My dog’s allergies hit their peak during the winter months and he responds really well to CBD oil. This year, I wanted to give Hemp Seed oil a try so I went ahead and ordered a bottle of the Hemp and Salmon oil by Pure Ocean a try.

I found it to help with his itch but needed a higher dose than what was recommended on the bottle. He didn’t show any side effects other than mild drowsiness. I would say he probably needed a 2X dose.

The hemp and salmon oil by Pure Ocean is made from wild-caught salmon fish caught in Alaska, which means no fishy smell or taste. I have been adding the hemp and Salmon oil to my dog’s food for about a week now and so far so good. Not one sign of allergies!

5- MOD Hemp Oil Shampoo for Dogs

When using CBD or Hemp oil isn’t enough, we use MOD shampoo and Hemp Oil Conditioner to relieve dry itchy skin and flea problems.

MOD shampoo is great for puppies to adults (over 20lbs) and has the added benefits of essential fatty acids, vitamins, protein, and amino acids. It is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and deodorizing with a fresh clean scent.

You can find it here on Amazon for around $25 for a 34oz bottle and you can get it either in an Oatmeal or Lavender blend.

Is CBD Oil Good for Itchy Dogs?

CBD is a cannabinoid, one of a number of chemicals produced by the cannabis plant. It’s gained increasing amounts of press for both its health benefits and side effects. CBD oil can help relieve pain from inflammation as well as anxiety and other mood disorders in humans as well as dogs.

In recent years, CBD has been used to treat chronic pain in humans, especially those who suffer from arthritis and cancer. CBD oil has also been used to treat nausea, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and much more.

CBD is completely legal in most countries around the world because it does not produce a “high” like other chemicals found in cannabis such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, some people worry about the potential side effects of CBD oil, because it’s still a chemical found in cannabis.

Itchy skin is mainly caused by chronic inflammation and redness, and CBD oil has been shown to reduce both of these things. This means that CBD oil can be an effective way to relieve the pain that results from chronic itchiness in dogs.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

CBD is very safe for dogs and has even been used to treat dogs with itchy skin in the past. There are no known side effects of CBD oil on dogs, but it’s always a good idea to give your vet a heads up if you’re planning on giving them something new.

Be sure to start with the lowest possible dose and only increase your dog’s intake of CBD oil if they seem to respond well to it. Some dogs need more CBD than others, so make sure you keep an eye on their behavior after giving them a dose.

Some owners find that CBD oil helps with itchy skin but makes their dog sleepy or dizzy. This is actually a very common side effect of CBD oil for both humans and dogs, so if you notice your dog feeling tired after they take it, don’t be worried.

However, if your dog seems to have trouble standing up or focusing on an object after taking CBD oil, make sure you stop giving them the oil immediately.

CBD oil may be a natural way to relieve your dog’s pain, but if their pain is severe, you should always take them to the vet for a proper diagnosis. CBD oil cannot prevent or diagnose health problems, so be sure to take your dog to the vet if they are still in pain after taking CBD.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog for Itching?

In general, itchy dogs should be given 1-3 doses of CBD oil per day. Doses can range from 5mg for mild and localized itching to 20mg for severe, debilitating itching.

Keep in mind that CBD oil is not a cure for itchy skin, but rather a way to reduce inflammation and pain that results from it. Some owners have found success using CBD oil as an addition to other treatments such as medicated shampoos and food supplements.

For example, you can give your dog Adequan or Deramaxx to reduce inflammation and then give them CBD oil to relieve the pain that results from their decreased mobility.

Medicated shampoos are also a very popular treatment because they target the itching at its source by reducing bacteria on the skin’s surface. These can be bought over-the-counter or made with store-bought shampoo and some essential oils.

What Brand of CBD Oil Is Best for Itchy Dogs?

I have found Honest Paws to be the best brand of CBD oil for itchy dogs. They make a balm that you can apply directly to the irritated area and see results in a matter of minutes.

However, if you’re looking for a hemp-based alternative, Zesty Paws has a great product that also contains salmon oil. The combination of salmon and hemp oil helps in the overall health of your canine companion as well as improves skin and fur health.

Is CBD Oil or Hemp Oil Better for Itchy Dogs?

CBD oil is the best option for itchy dogs because of its low amount of THC. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and contains only trace amounts of the chemicals found in marijuana that cause a “high” such as THC.

Hemp oil is also made from the hemp plant but has a lower amount of the beneficial chemical CBD. You can usually find hemp oil blended with other types of oils that help to relieve itchy skin.

One of the main benefits of hemp oil is that it can be purchased online or at most health food stores for a very reasonable price. You can purchase hemp oil on its own or in pre-made blends with other natural substances meant to reduce pain and inflammation.

Both oils are safe for dogs and have been proven to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.


CBD oil products are the ideal solution for dogs with itchy skin. CBD oil has been shown to help relieve inflammation, pain, and anxiety, while other hemp products like shampoos and oils can help moisturize dry skin and relieve itching.

You can always try a hemp oil-based product if CBD oil isn’t available to you. Just make sure the product you choose contains pure hemp oil and nothing else except possibly a carrier oil.

Finally, for dogs suffering from severe itching, try using a combination of CBD oil and hemp-infused shampoo.

I hope this helps you find some relief for your dog’s itching. Good Luck!

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