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Jason Brant Gregg is a 44 yr old man from California. He has a wife, Stephanie, and 2 well-mannered and intelligent boys, Patron who is 13, and Presley who is 9. Before being sent to prison he filled his time with helping his father out at their family restaurant and being a devoted father to his children.

The Case

On June 9, 2012, police intercepted a man named Rex Ramsey in Minnesota who was carrying $130,000 of drug proceeds that he claimed he was taking back to California. To make a deal, Ramsey pointed them in the direction of someone that could potentially net them a bigger arrest. That man was Jason. Through the information Ramsey provided via a wire he wore while talking to Jason, the DEA was able to gather the information that led to an inditement.

On April 10, 2012, the DEA rolled up in unmarked cars outside of Jason’s home and barged in traumatizing his wife and kids. During the search of the property, the DEA found over 190 cannabis plants in various stages of maturity along with firearms. Jason was charged on two counts, drug conspiracy and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The DEA believed that between 2008 – and October 2010 Jason was manufacturing, distributing, and possessing large amounts of marijuana and knowingly committed acts of money laundering.

At first, Jason pled not guilty but on January 10, 2013, after being persuaded, he plead guilty to both counts in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence.

By pleading guilty Jason waived his right to the following:

  • The government has to prove the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt
  • A speedy and public trial by jury where the jurors must unanimously find Gregg guilty before there can be a conviction
  • Confront and cross-examine adverse witnesses
  • Having witnesses testify on behalf of Gregg.
  • The right to appeal if he is convicted

On February 13, 2015, Jason was convicted on Count 1 – Drug Conspiracy and Count 2 – Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering with a sentence of 15 years.

Life After Conviction

As of today, Jason has served almost 7 years of his 15-year sentence. He is a non-violent offender who has used his time in prison to build wheelchairs, learn to weld, and speak Spanish.

He hopes to one day be free from prison so that he can be there for his family and return to being a devoted father and husband.

To give their kids the best life possible they send them to a local Catholic school where they can get good grades and play baseball.

Jason is eager to be released so that he can help his wife with the bills and help take some of the burdens off her shoulders. Because of his hard work in prison, he already has a welding job waiting for him when he gets out.

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