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How to Clean a Bong For Beginners

Before you get started with cleaning your bong, you’re going to need some supplies;

  1. A dirty bong
  2. Coarse Salt or Epsom salt
  3. Isopropyl alcohol 91% (the higher the alcohol percentage the better)
  4. Rubber bands
  5. Saran wrap
  6. Ziplock bags
  7. Pipe Cleaner

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to make sure your bong is empty. If you have any water in it, pour it out.

Next, you will take your Epsom salt or coarse salt and pour it in through the top of the bong.

You’re going to want to pour enough to create a thin layer at the bottom of the bong.
Then you add your alcohol. A good rule of thumb to follow is you should add the same amount of alcohol as the water you would put in when you’re using your bong.

Then you are going to make sure to remove the downstem and bowl. Set it aside.

Take the Saran Wrap and seal off the holes. You’re going to seal the top of the bong and the hole where you put the downstem and bowl.

Secure the saran wrap with the rubber bands. Make sure none of the cleaning solution can

Finally, you shake. Shake! Shake! Shake! You’re going to want to shake for at least two

The salt and the alcohol should scrub the inside of your bong clean. Once it looks like the solution did its job, you pour out the mixture.

Rinse your bong out. Once with hot water, and the next few times you can rise it with cold water.

Now to clean your downstem and bowl

First, you’re going to place them in separate ziplock bags (to avoid them breaking).

Add enough salt to cover the bottom of the ziplock bag, and add enough alcohol to almost cover your piece.

Repeat the same process.

Shake! Shake! Shake!

After about 2 minutes of vigorous shaking, you should see the dirt come off of your pieces.
Rinse with hot water, and then again with cold water.

Enjoy your sesh in your now clean bong!

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