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Do Machine Elves Really Exist?

If you’ve taken psychedelics or spent any time around the community, you might’ve heard talk about “Machine Elves.” These magic and ethereal creatures filled with wisdom meant to guide you on your journey. But, what exactly are machine elves, and do they exist?

What Are Machine Elves?

Machine Elves, Clockwork Elves, or DMT Elves are a presence or entity commonly associated with taking the hallucinogen Dimethyltryptamine (DMT.)

DMT is said to occur naturally in nearly all living things and is also known as the “spirit molecule.” When taken correctly, DMT can be a potent psychedelic. People have exclaimed feelings of being launched into indescribable dimensions filled with fractile patterns and sensations. These different dimensions are where we hear accounts of Machine Elves and DMT Entities.

Machine Elves get their name from Terrance McKenna, an ethnobotanist, writer, and prominent figure in the psychedelic community. McKenna recounted his first DMT experience claiming he saw “beings in there, what I call self-transforming machine elves. Sort of like jeweled basketballs all dribbling their way toward me. And if they’d had faces, they would have been grinning, but they didn’t have faces. And they assured me that they loved me, and they told me not to be amazed; not to give way to astonishment.”

Since identifying the concept, many people have been able to relate and explain the various sensations from their trips. With so many people experiencing these phenomena and talking about Machine Elves, it can raise a few questions.

Do Machine Elves Really Exist?

This can be a tricky question to answer, mainly when it’s based on speculation alone. If you haven’t taken and experienced DMT, how can you really know for sure? Well, we can look at people recounting the events of their DMT trips.

Not Everyone Sees “Elves”

It’s important to note, not everyone sees DMT Entities, and those that do might not describe them as elves. The presence people might see and here can be just that, a presence. On the other hand, people have recounted aliens, angels, spirits, and even demons. One survey found people who experienced these entities commonly referred to them as “beings” or “guides.”

Some people believe those who haven’t seen the entities might not have taken a high enough dosage. Others believe not everyone can see the entities or have a “breakthrough.” Seeing “Machine Elves,” or “guides,” is thought to be an incredibly spiritual and eye-opening experience, so everyone may not be “ready.”

So what do these guides do exactly? Are they meant to bounce around and entertain us? Or possibly a source of mischief? Not quite.

What Do Machine Elves Do?

Like McKenna noted in his first experience, the entities are commonly associated with love and knowledge. People often claim the DMT Entities communicated with them, giving them information. This communication has been described as both verbal and nonverbal. 

Many individuals who have experienced Machine Elves or other DMT Entities claim the experience is life-changing. They’ve noted the experience to an overall boost in mood and well-being.

People also reported feelings of love, joy, acceptance, and trust coming from both them and the entity. People also reported feeling the entities or spirits had a sense of consciousness or intelligence. 

Have People Had Bad Experiences With Machine Elves?

Like any other psychedelic or hallucinogen, experiences will vary in intensity and enjoyment. People have had bad trips with all kinds of drugs, so what makes DMT different? 

DMT is an incredibly potent substance. With claims of people being transported to different dimensions and communicating with guides, it’s safe to assume the lows are just as extreme as the highs. People have experienced dark emotions and a feeling of a deep, looming presence. 

The highs of any psychedelic can be extremely powerful and uplifting, but the lows can be incredibly devastating. With something regarded as more “spiritual,” or even the peak “spiritual” experience, you can imagine the lows will be very extreme and eye-opening. I’ve heard mushrooms be described as more “spiritual,” while LSD described as more “electric.” If you take that concept and apply it to DMT, the “spirit molecule,” you’ll understand what I’m getting at.

The importance of all psychedelics is to make sure you are in a good headspace and comfortable environment to fully engage and enjoy the experience safely.

Are We Sure It’s Not Just A Feeling?

Wondering if seeing Machine Elves or DMT Entities is just a feeling or all in someone’s head is a valid question. As mentioned earlier, you can’t fully answer this question on mere speculation alone. 

With so many people recounting events of different beings, guides, and entities, It’s hard to assume they’re just a feeling. So many people have reported communicating with these beings, so it’s hard to imagine they’re all crazy.

But you may be wondering, why doesn’t everyone see entities or machine elves? If it really is another dimension, why doesn’t everybody see the same thing? Another great set of questions that are equally hard to answer!

Taking psychedelics is often regarded as a spiritual experience with many eye-opening insights into not only your own life but the world at large. If we take the idea that DMT is the “spirit molecule,” everyone’s individual experience will be different. Everyone’s “spirit,” “life energy,” or human experience, in general, are all different. These diverse experiences and lives cast the lens from which the DMT experience is viewed. These different lenses varying in shades and hues can explain why some people see elves and others see guides. 

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

If I told you the answer it would be too easy! The truth is, with our current understanding and technology, only you can decide if Machine Elves really exist. No one can know for sure, especially based on pure speculation. Most people that have experienced DMT have claimed otherworldly feelings, entities, and a deep, meaningful connection. All these reports make it hard to be a skeptic, but only time and experience will tell. 

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