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CBD in the Bedroom: What CBD Can Do for Your Sex Life

CBD is a popular supplement that has been shown to have many benefits. 

These benefits include being able to help with anxiety or pain relief. 

But what about CBD and sex? This article will explore some of the ways CBD can improve your sex life, from increasing arousal and satisfaction to minimizing performance anxieties.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is derived from the hemp plant which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. 

While CBD is a component of marijuana, by itself it does not cause a high because it does not activate the same regions in the brain as THC. 

How does CBD work?

CBD works by interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system which is a regulatory system made up of naturally occurring cannabis-like molecules.

These endocannabinoids work like neurotransmitters, sending messages through the body to help maintain homeostasis. CBD interacts with these receptors, triggering positive effects. 

How can CBD improve your sex life?

What makes up a great sex life? You’re probably thinking lots of sex that is fun and experimental. While you’re not wrong, research has shown that to have a great sex life you need to have a few key things:

  • Proper blood flow
  • Low stress levels
  • Balanced hormones
  • And access to medicine that can relieve chronic pain

CBD oils and topical creams have been shown to help in all those areas. 

CBD oils for erectile dysfunction

A 2009 study discovered cannabinoid receptors in testicles and has shown that CBD is a potent vasodilator. It can help dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation, resulting in better erections and a longer duration of time to sustain a hard on. 

CBD oil and your sex drive

CBD can help improve libido by relieving stress and anxiety. Some people are anxious about having sex or have performance anxiety and CBD can potentially help calm that anxiety. However, it has been shown that chronic cannabis users have reported lower libidos. So, the more you use the less it helps. 

CBD and testosterone levels

Some studies have shown that CBD has the potential to balance hormone levels, including testosterone which could lead to a better sex life. CBD can regulate organ function and the performance of different systems such as testosterone production in the testicles. 

CBD to help increase the mood

CBD can boost your mood by enhancing a neurotransmitter called anandamide.  

“Anandamide is our bliss neurotransmitter, and it’s also associated with oxytocin [also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’.  CBD helps increase the natural neurotransmitters and endorphins that we make on our own that ultimately lead to a better sexual experience.”

– Alex Capano, medical director for Anada Hemp and member of the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp. 

How to use CBD in the bedroom

You can use CBD to improve your sex life in the following areas:

  • Before Sex – take CBD oil, capsules, or edibles to promote relaxation and calm anxiety. 
  • Foreplay – use CBD lotion or massage oil to enhance intimacy through sensual touch. 
  • During Sex – apply CBD lube to reduce dryness which will enhance the experience and make it more pleasurable for both parties. 
  • After sex – use a CBD vape to help bring your endorphins down and help you both sink into a deeply relaxing state. 


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the dose of CBD to consume. In general, you should follow the guidelines on the label of your products. 

If you want to determine the optimal dose for you specifically, you need to consider a few things like:

  • Body weight
  • Body chemistry
  • Metabolism
  • Gender
  • Tolerance level
  • Your endocannabinoid system
  • The desired effect you seek. 

When you take CBD oil for the first time it’s always best to start off small and increase it gradually. An average starting dose is between 5-10 mg. 

It takes CBD oil about 4 hours to reach its peak effectiveness. 

In the end, you will need to go through a lot of trial and error to find the best product with the best dosage that produces the desired effect you are looking for. 

CBD and FDA Regulation

The FDA does not currently regulate over-the-counter CBD products. 

Before purchasing a CBD product do your research. 

Buy your product from a reputable source and check out reviews and any information on the company that is sourcing it. 

If you do not know what company to trust or where to look, try talking to your doctor or local pharmacist. Ask them if they can recommend a CBD product that is safe to try. 

If you feel uncomfortable you can look for a product that has been independently tested by a third party. Third-party testing will help ensure that the product you are taking is accurately labeled. This is key since only about 31% of products claiming to contain CBD are accurately labeled.

As CBD is becoming more popular in the mainstream, it’s important to understand what it can do for you. 

The evidence suggests that this natural substance has a variety of benefits and uses. 

In addition to the potential medical benefits, there are many other reasons why people use CBD including reducing anxiety levels or increasing sex drive.

Researching all these different aspects of how CBD may work for you will help ensure your body gets everything it needs from one product!

If you’re looking into ways of enhancing your sexual performance, reducing anxiety levels, or increasing testosterone production without prescription medication – then CBD may be an option worth considering. 

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